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Notes That Sing: Hear Wallace Roney's Recent Visit to Salon Sessions with Sheila Anderson


Wallace Roney, who died on March 31 of complications from the coronavirus, paid a visit to Salon Sessions just last fall.


On the heels of his 22nd album, Blue Dawn-Blue Nights, Wallace spoke with me about his early years and some of the lessons he learned from master musicians: not only Miles Davis but also pianist Cedar Walton, trumpeter Woody Shaw, and drummers Art Blakey and Tony Williams.

Though one of his first New York gigs was with Walton (alongside Sam Jones, Billy Higgins and Bob Berg), his first recording happened with Haki R. Madhubuti & Nation at age 15. A lyrical musician, while playing with singers he wanted “his notes to sing.”

When I asked whether he had a tour planned with his new, young band, he replied: “I will tour to the end of my life.”

In 1995 Sheila E. Anderson joined the staff of WBGO in Newark, New Jersey where she hosts <i>Weekend Jazz Overnight </i>and <i>Salon Sessions</i>. She has authored four books: <i>The Quotable Musician: From Bach to Tupac</i> (2003), <i>How to Grow as A Musician: What All Musicians Must Know to Succeed</i> (2005) (both published by Allworth Press), <i>The Little Red Book of Musicians Wisdom</i> (Skyhorse Press, 2012) and the 2<sup>nd</sup> edition of <i>How to Grow as A Musician</i> was published in 2019,<br/><br/>In addition to curating jazz at the Newark Museum of Art, Ms. Anderson is a 2017 Columbia University Community Scholar, an inaugural Dan <br/>Morgenstern Fellow by the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers-Newark <br/>(2020), is a graduate of Baruch College and resides in Harlem, NYC.<br/>