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Shirazette Tinnin Discusses Global Rhythms and Formative Influences, on Salon Sessions

Bex Wade
Shirazette Tinnin

Shirazette Tinnin is a versatile musician whose next album, Sonic Wallpaper, will highlight her individuality and spotlight her composing, including songs with her own lyrics.
She’s a jazz-trained drummer whose influences range from Art Blakey to Sheila E. It was after seeing Sheila E. on TV, at age 4, that Shirazette decided that she wanted to play drums.

During her recent Salon Session at WBGO, Shirazette talked about her love of the cajón ― a simple drum box that originated in Peru, brought by African slaves, and later made its way to Spain to become a major instrument in flamenco music. She shared some insight about the difference between the Peruvian cajon and the one favored in Spain; one is “dry,” and the other “wet.”

For the entire month of December, Shirazette will be performing with Allan Harris in Cross That River, his show at 59E59 Theater.

Sheila E. Anderson, whose moniker, “Queen of Hang,” is a mover and shaker in the world of art, most notably in jazz. Much focus is placed upon the artists and rightfully so, yet Ms. Anderson is feeding and affecting the scene in myriad ways. She has always taken on the challenges of creating opportunities for herself, developing formats that exist outside the box. In addition to being an on-air-host she is an author, a writer, emcee and moderator. In 1995, she was hired by WBGO, Newark, 88.3FM to host Sunday Morning Harmony, where she now hosts Weekend Jazz After Hours, Salon Sessions and the Sunday Night Music Mix. Ms. Anderson has learned from the musicians whom she spins, "I feel as though radio programming should function much like a live performance. My best shows happen when I am feeling completely free to move with a certain flow and program according to my emotions," Ms. Anderson explains. These are not the words of some novice who just likes jazz music.