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Listen to Marcia Ball Perform Live on the Blues Break

Marcia Ball is an old friend to WBGO's Performance Studio and Steinway B. When she plays solo, she fills the room with her busy left hand and raspy Southern-twinged voice - you don't miss a band at all. But Marcia's been leading a band for decades now.

She says though she never really mentored in a traditional sense, she always surrounds herself with superior musicians. "I have people in my band who can guide me musically." 

When she's not touring with her own band, she often finds herself playing with the The Subdudes, a roots rock group from New Orleans.

Marcia plays BB King's in NYC tonight, and is up and down the Mid-Atlantic throughout the next week, with a stop at SOPAC in South Orange, NJ this weekend. Find her schedule here.

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