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WBGO Media Workshop podcast returns for another season of creativity and education

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The WBGO media Workshop is a scintillating 10-week in-studio and virtual program where four Newark area high school students learned the art of broadcasting and podcasting. The program teaches proper voice techniques, developing ones voice and style, recording and editing audio on state-of-the-art WBGO equipment. Many WBGO guests speakers including WBGO News Director Doug Doyle and “My Favorite Things” host Pat Prescott shared vast insight on their career, broadcasting industry and tips on how to excel through becoming a highly effective communicator. This and much more resulted in five impressively creative student podcasts from subject matter to their professionalism and their individual shows overall sound.

The workshop culminated in a Poduation ceremony at the WBGO studios where student’s podcasts were played for parents, school principals, Newark Board of Education and WBGO staff and where each student received a WBGO Media Workshop certificate of completion. The students were then interviewed on their Media Workshop experience of creating their very first podcast with host and workshop instructor Mark Farrell. Mark Farrell is a radio veteran who has worked in multiple radio New York formats as on-air personality and creative services director where his energy, passion and skillset are ideal for students to flourish.

"Jazz Women of the World"


"A Look Behind the Lens"

WBGO Media Workshop-Season 2 Devin.mp3

"Dive In"

WBGO Media Workshop-Season 2 Hamza.mp3

"Behind the Curtain"

WBGO Media Workshop-Season 2 Matthew.mp3

As Executive Producer of WBGO Studios, Billy continues to make waves in the radio industry. Leading the charge, he oversees WBGO specialty shows, in-studio performances, and podcasts, ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience for both listeners and artists alike. His meticulous attention to detail, creative vision, and ability to cultivate talent have positioned WBGO Studios as a hub for exceptional content.<br/>