NYC COVID Hot Spot Restrictions Take Effect

Oct 7, 2020

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio gives daily briefing on COVID-19 hot spots.

Tight restrictions go into effect tomorrow for numerous coroanvirus hot spots in Brooklyn and Queens in an effort to contain the spread.

There’s a map showing red, orange and yellow zones, with red having the highest infection rate and tightest restrictions.  In the red, schools are already closed and now non essential business have to shut , houses of worship are limited to a max of 10 people. Mayor de Blasio says the restrictions will last for at least 14 days.

“There will be a huge education effort to let people know which zone they are in and obviously give them an immediate chance to abide by the rules.  We don’t want to penalize unless we have to.”

de Blasio says there’s no tolerance for setting fires or damaging property when asked about members of the Jewish community burnings masks in protest of the new restrictions.