Murphy Signs Bill To Create Innovation Commission

Aug 15, 2018

Governor Phil Murphy

Legislation signed by Governor Phil Murphy creates the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation, and Technology.

Murphy says the 17-member-panel replaces a science and technology commission that was defunded in 2010.

“We’re getting back to our core mission of making New Jersey the home for cutting edge research and innovation that improves and saves lives, creates good jobs, and changes our world for the better.”

Michael Johnson, the CEO of biotechology company Visikol in Whitehouse Station, is excited about the new commission.

“It’s a very important program. In New Jersey we have great intellectual property at our state universities. We have lots of federal funding coming in to support the development of new intellectual property. But we need more help to get these ideas from universities, from researchers, out into the marketplace.”

Senate Budget Committee chairman Paul Sarlo expects the commission will benefit high-tech companies and the state.

“The innovation economy is one great way of working our way out of legacy budgetary problems. By making an investment and bringing the talented folks, researchers coming together and growing a company, that’s how we will become a leader not just in the Northeast but throughout this country on our next generation of scientists, and mathematicians, and engineers.”

The new commission will have a one million dollar budget.