Murphy Creates Jobs and Economic Opportunity Council

Feb 27, 2018

Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy says New Jersey is getting lapped by other states in job creation.


He’s signed an executive order aimed at stimulating job growth.


The order establishes the Jobs and Economic Opportunity Council in the Governor’s office.


“I’m directing the council to analyze state and national economic trends and data to design the policies needed to attract, expand, and retain good jobs.”


Murphy wants the council to identify potential sources of funding for infrastructure improvements, workforce development, and post-secondary educational initiatives.


“I know there are outside sources of funds for programs that we have left on the table for too long. One of the elements of getting us back into that fight is to have a strong muscular Washington presence, something we haven’t had in a while. We’re about to announce shortly a new head of that effort.”


Murphy says the council will also oversee the development of new software to improve services for job seekers.


“Turning this economy around and making is stronger will take some time. But every step forward is a positive. Every new job shows strength. Every new business shows strength. Every student we can keep in New Jersey for their education will add to our strength.”