Listen In as Broadway and Film Powerhouse Michael Shannon Guest-Hosts Morning Jazz

Jul 2, 2019

Whether live onstage, in a television production or in one of his many noted films, Michael Shannon leaves an indelible impression. He elevates any creative endeavor in which he’s a part.

But what elevates him? Aside from his partner, actress Kate Arrington, his two daughters, Sylvie and Marion, and his spirit as a practicing musician, it’s an absolute love of jazz.

Michael took a break from his current role on Broadway, opposite Audra McDonald in Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, to visit Morning Jazz. He shared some of his most personal jazz recordings, from his father’s favorite J.J. Johnson to the spirit of Charles Mingus at the piano. And he connected the absolute freedom in an Eric Dolphy or Sonny Rollins side to his own craft as an actor.

It was an insightful and fascinating hour, as Michael reflected on the creative universality from the masters that he loves. (Note that his shift begins a few minutes in, after the end of a newscast.)