Life Time Athletic Fires Senior Manager Seen In Blackface In Racially Charged Social Media Post

Jun 12, 2020

A nationwide chain of fitness clubs with major presence in New Jersey is dealing with the fallout from a racially charged social media post featuring one of its regional managers.


Credit Facebook/Paul Michael Russo

Paul Michael Russo, Senior Area Director at Life Time Fitness and former Florham Park staff member, can be seen in the April 2012 Facebook post dressed as a Greenbay Packers cheerleader in full black face, wig, and red lips. Members of the popular gym have been expressing their outrage on social media and in emails demanding Russo be fired.

In a statement Natalie Bushaw, Senior Director of Public Relations & Internal Communications, says the offensive image is not in line with the company’s principles of equality and human decency, and says following an internal investigation the company has decided to part ways with Russo. Bushaw says the decision reflects the organizations commitment to uphold a safe and trusting environment for members and its employees.