Concerned Residents Call In to "Ask Governor Murphy" About NJ's Coronavirus Response

Mar 24, 2020

"Ask Governor Murphy" took questions from all over NJ as people aired their concerns about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting them
Credit WBGO

The March (24) edition of Ask Governor Murphy on WBGO was an opportunity for concerned residents to reach out to Governor Phil Murphy and hear how the state is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Governor took calls and social media questions from all over state.  Governor Murphy joined the show from his home and announced the death toll in New Jersey is up to 44 with more than 36-hundred coronavirus cases in the state.

Tuesday's show was hosted by WBGO News Director Doug Doyle while WNYC's Nancy Solomon and Joseph Capriglione and WHYY's Joe Hernandez helped with the the flurry of social media questions that came in during the one-hour call-in show.

WBGO's David Tallacksen and Corey Goldberg provided the technical in-station support for the show.

Ask Governor Murphy is a WBGO News production in collaboration with WNYC and WHYY.