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Clyde and Gracie Lawrence on the overnight success that was a decade in the making

Clyde and Gracie Lawrence
Deanie Chen
Clyde and Gracie Lawrence

Siblings Clyde and Gracie Lawrence have been making music together since they were little kids. They say there was never a moment when it switched from something they did for fun to something they did professionally. It has been a long, steady climb for them.

Along with the other members of their band, Lawrence, they have been diligently chipping away at a pop music career, growing more popular every year, making music that straddles the line between pop, R&B and soul, and doing it on their own terms.

Here they talk about the overnight success that was a decade in the making, running their band like a business, taking matters into their own hands, writing songs with “epic messaging and specificity,” and how their experience as an independent touring band led to real meaningful change in the music industry.

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