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Hollywood legends Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Sally Field and Lily Tomlin share laughs about starring in "80 For Brady"

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SportsJam host Doug Doyle with the superstars of "80 For Brady" Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field

Paramount Pictures releases 80 For Brady in theaters February 3. The movie directed by Kyle Marvin and produced by NFL great Tom Brady was inspired by a true story about a group of women who were super fans of the former New England Patriots quarterback.

In 80 For Brady, Hollywood legends Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Sally Field and Lily Tomlin portray a group of women who decide to go to the 2017 Super Bowl to see Tom Brady's Patriots play the Atlanta Falcons. The film's themes focus around tradition, friendship and a "never give up" mantra.

The acclaimed actresses spent some laughs on WBGO's award-winning podcastSportsJam with Doug Doyle.

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Paramount Pictures
The superstar cast of "80 For Brady" includes Academy Award-winner Rita Moreno, Academy Award-winner Jane Fonda, Academy Award-nominee Lily Tomlin and Academy Award-winner Sally Field

Lily Tomlin's character "Lou" is kind of the quarterback of the group. It was her idea that they should take a road trip to see their favorite team. She has a somewhat magical connection to Brady. Lou is going through some serious health issues but bonds with Tom's storied career and approach to playing football.

"She has all the faith in the world (in Brady) and has a connection to him. She was ill. He pulled out that 2017 game out of the garbage heap and he went forward and won the Super Bowl. He's just a constant inspiration to her and she's hooked herself to him in some subliminal and spiritual way and she's going to make it through."

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Paramount Pictures
The cast of "80 For Brady" are friends on and off the screen

The movie has many touching and loving moments and the chemistry between the actresses is so genuine. Jane Fonda (Trish) says she's amazed people still want to see her and her legendary friends on the screen, but admits the film was so much fun for all of them.

"Look how old we are and they're still asking us to work so there must be some inherent in us, but the script is written in a way that just creates friendship. Plus, we all like each other. What can I say? We are friends."

For Sally Field (Betty), 80 For Brady, fit all the needs for her.

"I've known Jane for 50 years and she's been a huge part of my life. Lily I've know almost as long. So the fact that I would be able to be with them and that it was a show not only about older women but sports and then you added this extraordinary character right here (Rita Moreno) to the mix, and it was like if they can get us to shut up long enough to shoot something, it's just going to be fun."

Rita Moreno (Maura) agrees.

"We were constantly talking. So as people were saying "rolling" we were paying no attention whatsoever. They really had to get our attention. We never ever stopped chattering."

What was the most difficult challenge for Moreno in the film which included a dance segment with Billy Porter (Gugu)? The actress and dancer, maybe best known for her Academy-Award winning performance as "Anita" in the 1962 motion picture West Side Story, says she had to dance down to match the fellow actors.

"For me, it was trying to not dance well. You know when you are a dancer, really it was difficult but this lovely lady (Sally Field) loved working together as dancers."

All four lead actresses agree Tom Brady has a future in the film industry if he wants one. The multi-award winning actresses aren't the only world-famous celebrities appearing in the sports comedy. In addition to chef Guy Fieri, Hall of Fame-bound tight end Rob Gronkowski, and Tom Brady, the rest of the impressive supporting cast consists of Billy Porter, Glynn Turman, Harry Hamlin, Sara Gilbert, Jimmy O. Yang, Sally Kirkland, Bob Balaban , Ron Funches, and even more cameo appearances from NFL superstars.

You can SEE my entire interview with Sally Field, Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno and Jane Fonda here.

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