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Extreme heat entering NYC area

Extreme heat will be impacting the New York City area this week.

The city's Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Ischol is urging New Yorkers to stay in the air condition and get to a cooling center if needed near the end of the week. Cooling center locations can be found online on the city's website

"We are looking at a heat index that could reach close to 100 degrees in the region. These numbers are dangerously high."

New Yorkers are being asked to avoid using appliances during the day on Thursday and Friday when the heat is expected to be the worst in the city. Ischol is asking folks not to blast the air condition.

"Set it to a low cool to stay comfortable and safe reducing load on the grid."

Officials say air quality conditions may become unhealthy for sensitive groups this week. The city is handing out heat hits to certain outdoor workers this week.