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MTA gives final congestion pricing approval

Traffic moves along 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan on Jan. 25, 2018. After decades of efforts by transportation advocates, the state of New York has approved a plan to add congestion pricing to the city, charging drivers who enter a designated zone of Manhattan.
Drew Angerer
Getty Images
The full MTA board has given its final approval for the congestion pricing plan for Manhattan. The board did approve some tweaks to the plan at its meeting Wednesday.

MTA board member Midori Valdivia was among the many to say yes to congestion pricing.

"Better public transit, smoother running streets, meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions."

MTA Board Member David Mack voted against the plan because he's concerned it will hurt economically.

"My concern is vibrant city coming out of COVID, the vacancy rate of office buildings, the major companies leaving New York."

The MTA did approve more toll exemptions. They include yellow school buses, most commuter buses and certain government vehicles. The agency is hoping to start the congestion tolling in mid June. There's a chance that could be pushed back because of several lawsuits trying to stop the plan.