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State sets more goals for Paterson police department

Police line in Canada.
Rene Johnston
Toronto Star via Getty Images
Police line in Canada.

The New Jersey attorney general's office is setting more goals for the Paterson, New Jersey police department following a state takeover six months ago because of numerous issues.

Attorney General Matt Plakin laid out a number of changes to come in the continued transformation of the Paterson Police department. He appointed Isa Abbassi who's been in charge for months now. Abbassi wants to rebuild the public trust in police.

"We'll be expanding neighborhood revitalization throughout the city. What you will see starting in mid October we will be instituting night time walking patrols in five areas of the city."

Abbassi says officers will get cell phones to improve communication and internal affairs will be moved out of police headquarters. Prior to the state takeover, the department faced lawsuits and criticism of police use of force and numerous officers faced charges.