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Cuomo Asked About Report that US Figures Show 11,000 More Covid Deaths Than State Figures Show


Cuomo also appeared at a Brooklyn church with Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams to talk about gun violence.

The questions keep coming about the Cuomo Administration’s reporting of deaths from Covid.

At a church in Brooklyn where he appeared with Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams, Governor Cuomo was asked about a report that the federal government’s count of coronavirus deaths in New York is 11,000 more than the state’s figure.

“We have always reported lab-tested Covid results,” he said. “The CDC asks for additional information on, I forget their terminology, possible or presumed Covid deaths, which we report to them and then they report.”

The Cuomo administration's count includes only laboratory-confirmed Covid deaths at hospitals, nursing homes and adult-care facilities, not people who died at home, in hospice or in prison.

Meanwhile, New York City’s vaccine rollout has been a life-saver --- literally.

A study by Yale University shows the vaccines have so far saved more than 8300 lives, prevented more than 44,000 hospitalizations and a quarter of a million cases.

But the Delta variant is the new threat. Mayor De Blasio said he doesn’t see the need to dial back the reopening right now. The city’s health commissioner, Dr. Dave Chokshi, said the problem is with the unvaccinated.

“This virus we’ve seen is wily, it will find the cracks in our armor and right now the biggest cracks are those with respect to people and places, communities that remain unvaccinated,” he said.

The city’s positivity rate has doubled in recent weeks, nearing 1.5%.

Governor Cuomo and Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams met at a church in Brooklyn to talk about the plague of gun violence in the city.

Cuomo praised Adams and said he would work with him to solve the city’s problems.

Adams was asked how he felt being endorsed by Cuomo -- given the sexual harassment allegations.

“I didn’t get an endorsement today,” said Adams. “The governor said that he would work with me and I’m sure he would work with any mayor that is in office. I think an investigation is taking place let the investigation go to its outcome.”

During the mayoral debates Adams did not raise his hand when the candidates were asked if they would accept an endorsement from Cuomo.