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NYC Restaurants Go To 50 Percent Capacity

Brunch at Cannon Green. The restaurant seats 200.
Jonathan Boncek
Brunch at Cannon Green. The restaurant seats 200.

Starting tomorrow, New York City restaurants can increase their capacity.

Its estimated thousands of restaurants in the Big Apple have already closed during the pandemic and industry experts say many are hanging on by a threat. However, now restaurants can go from 35 to 50 percent capacity for indoor dining. The owner of Emilia’s on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx Joanne Lerro says this is huge.

“We have had all of our employees here but as far as their tips and how much they are making, it’s been a struggle. It’s going to help out everyone involved.”

Restaurants outside of New York City in the rest of the state are being bumped up now to 75 percent capacity.

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he feels good after getting the coronavirus vaccine today. After new state guidance allowed public facing government workers to get the vaccine, the mayor decided to roll up his sleeve.
“I am feeling very good. Everything is feeling good. Doctor Chokshi is very effective at giving the shot. I barely felt it at all.”

de Blasio says he chose J@J because he wants to dispel misconceptions that it’s not as good as the other vaccine brands.

“This is a safe effective way to protect ourselves.”