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NJ State Climatologist Says Active Hurricane Season May Mean More Hits For Garden State

Wikimedia Commons

As New Jersey continues to dig out from Tropical Storm Isaias, the question is how many more storms may hit the state especially since it’s still early in the hurricane season.

David Robinson is a geography professor at Rutgers and has been the New Jersey State Climatologist since 1991. “It’s really quite remarkable that we’ve already had two systems make major impacts on the Garden State this season and here we are just finishing the first week of August,” he said. “However, that’s no guarantee we’re going to be affected directly by another one.”

But he said he would not be surprised if that does happen. “I would be surprised if we didn’t get at least peripheral rain, peripheral rough seas or something akin to that later this season, nor would I be surprised if we get another rather direct hit by some system that makes it up the East Coast,” he said.

He called it remarkable that New Jersey was hit by two major storms by the first week of August.

It’s an active hurricane season. Ten to 16 more Atlantic storms are predicted and there have already been nine.