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De Blasio to Sign NYPD Chokehold Bill

Wikimedia Commons

Mayor de Blasio said he will go ahead with signing the NYPD chokehold bill despite some worries about it.

The bill bans police chokeholds in all situations and wording was added right before the city council passed it that bans officers from sitting, kneeling or standing on a person’s chest or back while making an arrest.

"I am concerned about the wording that was added at the last minute, said de Blasio. "I know the NYPD is but we are going to move forward with the law. We're going to do the retraining of officers to address the features of the law."

NYPD Chief of Department Terry Monahan called the bill insane, saying cops are now hesitant to enforce certain quality of life issues for fear of being prosecuted.