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Murphy Signs Six Gun Bills Into Law

Advocates and lawmakers join Murphy as the signing ceremony.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is making New Jersey’s strict gun laws even tougher. He’s signed a package of six new gun bills into law.

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg has been trying for years to get new gun safety laws enacted. She was among the lawmakers who joined Murphy at the signing ceremony.

“Really one of the most Important pieces of legislation in this package is that legislation that allows people who know someone is going to do harm to themselves or others, have a path to remove firearms from that person.”

The measures include a background check requirement for private gun sales, a ban on armor piercing bullets and a 10-round limit on gun magazine capacity.

17-year-old Zach Dougherty, a junior at Toms River North high school and one of the founding members of the New Jersey Chapter of Students Demand Action, is thankful the legislation will keep guns out of the hands of those who pose a threat.

“I’m a member of a generation who is sick and tired watching children our own age be senselessly murdered and then to live with the fear that we could be next.”

Governor Murphy says the new laws are common sense and there’s more to do.

“We must fund gun safety research. We must please responsibly increase the fees for gun licenses and handgun permits. It’s long past time we did this. The last time these fees were increased was 1966.”

Murphy says weaker gun laws in other states enable people to get firearms and bring them into New Jersey. He’s calling for national gun-control legislation.