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Monmouth Poll Shows Murphy Maintains 14 Point Lead Over Guadagno

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Just days before the election of a new Governor, a Monmouth University poll finds Democrat Phil Murphy holds a 14-point lead over Republican Kim Guadagno among likely voters in New Jersey.

Poll director Patrick Murray says that margin is the same as it was in early October.

"We find that while Guadagno has tried to make some inroads in painting Phil Murphy as too far to the left for his views on immigration and a whole host of other issues and others have tried to paint Guadagno as too far to the right, most voters say they don't know where either of these two candidates stand politically."

Murray is not expecting a big voter turnout on election day.

“It looks like it’s going to be about 38 percent, which would be a record low. These are voters who go out and vote in every election, these are your typical voters, and still a majority of them aren’t paying attention to this race. People only have so much space in their brains to absorb politics, and right now Donald Trump is taking up all that space.”

Murray says most of those who do show up at the polls are likely to make their selection for governor along party lines rather than the candidates' views on the issues.