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Christie Pardons Woman Who Was Helped By Drug Recovery Program

Gail Naples says she's relieved the pardon clears her criminal record.

Governor Christie has pardoned a Greenwood Lake, New York woman who was convicted of two felonies in New Jersey.

Gail Naples grew up in Cresskill, New Jersey.

After taking prescribed painkillers, she says she became addicted to heroin.

“It became difficult to keep a job and my need for the drug increased as my disease progressed. I had no income so I turned to stealing. That supported my habit but I was arrested a number of times. I wound up with two felonies.”

Naples says a recovery program helped her turn her life around. She’s been sober since 1984 and is employed as a bookkeeper.

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for recovery. I wouldn't be standing here if I wasn't on this path. So today I'm a productive member of society. I own my own home. I'm employable. I travel I live life to the fullest."

Naples says she’s relieved the pardon clears her criminal record.

"If someone does a background check, it will no longer come up that I have these felonies, that I have this record because it will be sealed." 

The governor says the pardon acknowledges what Naples has accomplished.

"For all that she's achieved over the past three decades, the state of New Jersey can do its part to recognize Gail for her successes and her willingness to help others."

Christie says her story symbolizes hope and inspiration for those trying to overcome addiction.