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The summer of 1967 was one that defined the city of Newark: From the time the rebellion began on Wednesday, July 12, to the conclusion on Monday, July 17, 26 people died and 750 people were injured. The events that took place throughout Mid-July that year changed the history of Newark forever. 00000177-b008-d5f4-a5ff-b9f8b5180000This timeline depicts the events of what occurred throughout the six days of unrest throughout the City of Newark in the Summer of 1967. Please click on the interactive timeline below to learn more on what happened.Information for this timeline was provided by author and historian Junius Williams, and his website riseupnorth.comAnd please watch this page for new features and a special live broadcast of Newark Today, 8pm on Thursday, July 13th.00000177-b008-d5f4-a5ff-b9f8b5180003

View From The Blue in Newark's 1967 Rebellion

Star Ledger and The Newark Public Library

Through the 50 years since the Newark Rebellion in 1967, the police version of the story has seldom been told.  In 2007, historian and author Adele Oltman  filed this in-depth report for the WBGO Journal.

Oltman spoke to several officers who were there at the time of the unrest broke out, including John DeSimone, who was one of the arresting officers of taxi cab driver John Smith.

Click above to hear Adele Oltman's feature "View From The Blue."