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Kenny Barron’s album 'The Source' featured on WBGO’s New Day, New Play Jan. 30 – Feb. 3

Kenny Barron
Kenny Barron

A noted pianist once told me playing solo is like giving a speech with no clothes on. Even NEA Jazz Master Kenny Barron says, " Playing solo piano is still nerve-racking." But for this well versed, well-seasoned legend, you would never suspect. The Source, Barron's first solo recording since 1981, shows his usual strengths of humanity and abandoning pretense, allowing these nine tunes, each reflecting a moment in his career, to find fresh translation, each evolving in a different direction. It's the ultimate intimate gesture at the hands of this master, more than comfortable to share the emotional source of his truths with the listener.

From Monday, Jan. 30 through Friday, Feb. 3, one cut from Barron’s The Source album will be featured each morning on the New Day, New Play spotlight on my Daybreak show.

Listen to “Teo” from The Source, above.

Kenny Barron TheSource
Kenny Barron's album The Source

In jazz radio, great announcers are distinguished by their ability to convey the spontaneity and passion of the music. Gary Walker is such an announcer, and his enthusiasm for this music greets WBGO listeners every morning. This winner of the 1996 Gavin Magazine Jazz Radio Personality of the Year award has hosted the morning show each weekday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. And, by his own admission, he's truly having a great time.