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Watch an enchanting duo concert by pianist Dave Meder and violinist Scott Tixier, from Yamaha Studio NYC

When pianist Dave Meder and violinist Scott Tixier join in performance, their synergy reveals many treasures.

Duo concert by pianist Dave Meder and violinist Scott Tixier, from the Yamaha Piano Salon

As they are each distinguished composers, improvisers and educators, Meder and Tixier put unique spins on the tradition while navigating original compositions. Many of those originals are contained on Meder's new album Unamuno Song and Stories, which borrows from the legacy of Spanish Civil War-era philosopher Miguel de Unamuno to speak to the current political and social climate of the United States and abroad. At the same time, as Tixier expresses, translating the beauty and infinity of nature and its diverse landscapes into the language of music provides the duo another avenue for inspiration and direction.

Musically, Meder and Tixier are both technically brilliant, yet they understand the importance of creating space for each other. Their combined wisdom and foresight allow the ultimate freedom to comment, lead and provide the ultimate support. As evidenced here at Yamaha Studio NYC, at one of their first live-in-concert performances together, Meder and Tixier's musical partnership demands more opportunities for showcase and enjoyment.