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NYU's Wayne Shorter Ensemble Performs in Our Studio for Jazz Appreciation Month


April is Jazz Appreciation Month, and WBGO is celebrating by showcasing some of the talent from local programs.

This installment features the NYU Wayne Shorter Ensemble, which saxophonist Dave Pietro formed a decade ago. "For me, personally, this is like the perfect gig," Pietro says, "because Wayne went to NYU — he's a graduate, in 1956 he got a music ed degree there, I believe — and he's from Newark."

The session features a handful of Shorter compositions, beginning with "Toy Tune," from the album Etcetera, and "Scourn," from The Young Lions.


Dave Pietro, soprano saxophone; Andrew Golub, tenor saxophone; Alejandro Espinosa, trombone; Guillaume Muller, guitar; Andrew Andron, piano; Gui Duvignau, bass; Aaron Jennings, drums.

Audio mix: Corey Goldberg