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New Faces, an All-Star Crew From the Posi-Tone Roster, Pays a Visit to Morning Jazz

Back in the day, when record labels put musicians together in a studio simply because they were on the same roster, the results were often mixed: intention didn’t live up to invention. That isn’t the case with New Faces, a Posi-Tone Records assemblage who, with crystal clarity, have shown on their new recording, Straight Forward,  that listening to one another can have a powerful effect on musical outcome.

Featuring trumpeter Josh Lawrence, saxophonist Roxy Coss, vibraphonist Behn Gillece, pianist Theo Hill, bassist Peter Brendler and drummer Vinnie Sperrazza, it’s a six-cylinder outing with an ensemble feel that could have them together for more than just this one. On record, you get originals meeting tunes from other label mates, or Herbie Hancock.

In our performance studio it was Gillece’s “Follow Suit” from the record, along with Brendler’s “Split The Difference,” Lawrence’s “Agent Orange,” and a tune from Coss’ The Future Is Female.

This ensemble works it straight forward in New York City Wednesday July 25, at Jazz Standard. This Friday, July 27, they’ll be at The Side Door in Old Lyme, Conn. Here is the band performing Coss's tune, “Nasty Women Grab Back.”

Audio Recording: David Tallacksen
Video capture and photographs: Chris Tobin
Video production: Corey Goldberg

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