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Hear Impressive Student Bands from the University of North Texas, For Jazz Appreciation Month


The University of North Texas College of Music — headed by John Murphy, Chair of the Division of Jazz Studies — is housed within America’s largest music school. The university was the first in the world to offer a degree program in jazz, and has spawned the careers of numerous top musicians and educators, including a few who lead some of the other school ensembles featured in WBGO’s JAM celebration this year, like NYU’s Dave Pietro and UCT’s Mike Campbell.

As part of our Jazz Appreciation Month series, John Murphy introduces us to a quartet and a large ensemble from his famed program.

Colleen Clark's arrangement of Thelonious Monk’s “Bye-Ya”

This group was formed through Clark's deep admiration of The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall. Her arrangement was inspired by Hall Overton's arrangement of "Little Rootie Tootie" from that recording, made in 1959.

In addition to Clark (arranger and drums), the ensemble members are Brian Horton (tenor saxophone), Devin Eddleman (alto saxophone), Spenser Liszt (baritone saxophone), Brian Fincher (trumpet), Abdullah Ebrahim (trombone), Corina Muñoz (French horn), Mark Jeffreys (tuba), Peter Rioux (piano), Henry Beal (bass), and Hiroki Kitazawa (percussion).

Roger Hunt Quartet performs "Velvet Face Doll," composed by bandmate and saxophonist Carlos Pacheco, who drew inspiration from the compositional style of Donny McCaslin. The quartet features Carlos Pacheco (saxophone), Roger Hunt (guitar), Hans Blichert (bass) and Chris Simms (drums).


Brandon Moore is a saxophonist, composer, arranger and educator based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is currently finishing his MM Degree in Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas. He shares his programmatic work for orchestra "Joseph" with us for JAM. 

Orchestra Personnel:  Composer, conductor: Brandon Moore

Rhythm: Henry Dickhoff, piano, Steven Heffner, bass, Luke Berger, drums  Violins: Phoenix Abbo, Sarah Hunt, Bailey Anderson, Kathy Crabtree, Audria Fogarty-Ramirez, Cindy Park, Sebastian Grajeda, Ciana Rosenblad, Daniel Gonzalez, Amy Wang  Viola: Michael Moore, Nathaniel Martin, Hao Jian Wang, Nora St. Peter  Cello: Maria Baylock, Manuela Baric, Zoltan Csikos  Double Bass: Heejeong Hong, Wil Brookhart Flutes: Veronica Mascaro, Brendon Wilkins  Soprano Sax: Will Nathman  Oboe: Catherine Wardle Clarinets: Sam Day, Catherine Conlin  Bass Clarinet: Lucas Willsie  Bassoon: Dallas Lauderdale  Horns: Corina Munoz , Sarah Bryant, Desire Graves, Kiersten Gustafson, Jason Perez  Trumpet: Nick Owsik, Gregory Newman Trombone: Brian Woodbury, Caleb Landron  Bass Trombone: Kenny Davis Harp: Sonja Westerberg Timpani: Connor McClintock  Percussion: Lauren McKinley, Montel Chan

Carolyn's career in radio spans well over two decades, most of which have been spent wrapped up in the world of Jazz. It always seems to start with college radio, and for Carolyn that was no exception. Little did she know then that the music she was being introduced to at the University of Wisconsin campus station would remain a near constant in her life. Upon moving to New York City in 1993, it just so happened that a temp agency placed her in a very sweet spot - at WQEW-AM where she worked in the programming department under the tutelage of Program Director Stan Martin and alongside Jonathan Schwartz and other legendary radio hosts. It was there where her love of jazz vocalists began, not just on the radio, but also by seeing many perform live.