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00000177-b008-d5f4-a5ff-b9f8b4b60000Radar is WBGO's exclusive album preview feature.

Embark on 'The Quest,' a New Album by Guitarist Andreas Varady, on Radar

Andreas Varady CD Cover

Guitarist Andreas Varady first impressed his bass-playing father by learning Kenny Dorham's "Blue Bossa" when he was 4. His mentor, producer Quincy Jones, became a fan when Andreas appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival at 15.

The point is not age, but rather a deep sophistication and spontaneity of expression, morphing a love for Django Reinhardt's  gypsy music with chops set in the modern vernacular. It's a palette influenced by everything from John Coltrane to Bill Frisell — and even Radiohead and A Tribe Called Quest. Alongside his father, Bandi, on bass, brother Adrian on drums, saxophonist Radovan Tariska and pianist Benito Gonzalez, Andreas Varady's music is a spirited invitation worth accepting.

1)    Lost Memories
2)    Radio Joint
3)    Follow Me
4)    The Time Is Now
5)    Patience
6)    The Quest
7)     Story
8)    Her Dream
9)    Radiska
10)   Outro

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