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Guitarist Mike Stern Overcomes Adversity on His New Album, 'Trip.' Listen Now, Exclusively on Radar.

Sandrine Lee
Mike Stern

The commonplace exercise of hailing a New York City cab became a career-threatening situation for guitarist Mike Stern last year. Tripping over some construction debris, he broke both arms, also sustaining significant nerve damage in a freak accident that halted his world-class career.

Mike Stern CD cover
Mike Stern "Trip" CD Cover

The trip for this former member of the Miles Davis Band, Steps Ahead and Jaco Pastorius' Word of Mouth was to summon the inner strength to rehabilitate — the same strength responsible for all those incendiary guitar moments through the years.

Stern's indefatigable desire has him returning full strength on Trip, with chops-a-plenty. He's surrounded by an all-star supporting cast including Randy Brecker and Wallace Roney on trumpet; Bill Evans on saxophones; and Dennis Chambers, Lenny White and Will Calhoun on drums. Trip has all the potency and pleasure of a good movie, one that keeps you fully involved 'til the end. Crossing paths with a story and a sound like this is what keeps us all in the search.

1) Trip 2) Blueprint 3) Half Crazy 4) Screws 5) Gone 6) Whatchacallit 7) Emilia 8) Hope For That 9) I Believe You 10) Scotch Tape And Glue 11) B Train

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