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Donor Advised Funds

The fastest growing means by which to make a “non-Cash” gift to the non-profits people value most, Donor Advised Funds are easy to manage and use.

Functioning as a “Philanthropic Savings Account” for your charitable giving, this type of contribution provides opportunities for additional tax benefits, and are solely earmarked for supporting institutions whose missions you believe in.

If you choose to designate WBGO as one of the organizations who will be the recipient of a donation from your DAF (and we hope you will) here is some basic information to help with that:

The official legal name of our organization is:

"Newark Public Radio, Inc."

We are a Certified 501 C-3 Non-Profit Organization:

Our federal taxpayer identification number is: 22-2137728

WBGO is located at:

54 Wayne Shorter Way

Newark, NJ 07102

When making a gift to WBGO in this manner, you can send all correspondence to the attention of John Newcott, Director of Individual Giving: (973) 643-4302 jnewcott@wbgo.org

To ensure that your contribution is properly processed and credited to your account in our database, please let us know:

A.) Which company your fund is set up with (Fidelity; Schwab; Vanguard)

B.) The amount of your contribution

C.) Whether it will be sent to us via Check, Wire Transfer, etc.

As always, we simply cannot thank you enough for your continued support.