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'The freedom to dance together’: Club Zanzibar, vogue and queer spaces as sanctuaries for all identities

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Sha-Nae Nicole, House Music dancer
Cano El Nene
Sha-Nae Nicole, House Music dancer

In this episode, we return to our circular storytelling format as we collaborate with theQueer Newark Oral History Project. Our storytellers take us on a journey ranging from the allure of Club Zanzibar, the captivating art of vogue, the sacredness of the dance floor as a place of worship, the profound legacy of disco, and of course, the vibrant city of Newark.

Storytellers in the order of appearance:

Jamara Wakefield
Craig Seymour
Pucci Revlon
Donald Ransom
Shayna Wakefield
Ricky Tucker
DJ Millie Millz

Photography by Cano El Nene
Model: House Music dancer Sha-Nae Nicole

Season One WBGO StudiosLGBTQ
Jamara Wakefield is an arts and culture writer and creator currently living in Newark.