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Listen now: the words and music of Dionne Warwick

Pat Prescott, host of Favorite Things on WBGO, recently had a conversation with the legendary Dionne Warwick and now you can hear the highlights, including Dionne’s take on Burt Bacharach, her cousin Whitney Houston and her fond memories of growing up in New Jersey. This special also includes some of Ms. Warwick's greatest hits. The Dionne Warwick special was produced by WBGO Studios.

As Executive Producer of WBGO Studios, Billy continues to make waves in the radio industry. Leading the charge, he oversees WBGO specialty shows, in-studio performances, and podcasts, ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience for both listeners and artists alike. His meticulous attention to detail, creative vision, and ability to cultivate talent have positioned WBGO Studios as a hub for exceptional content.