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Announcing WBGO Studios, Along with a New Podcast, The Great Wealth Divide

On Wednesday, May 19, WBGO will launch WBGO Studios - the new podcasting unit of the world-premier jazz station, based in Newark, NJ.

WBGO will develop a number of new podcasts under the WBGO Studios banner, joining its three existing podcasts: Jazz United, recently named Podcast of the Year by the Jazz Journalists Association ; The Checkout, which won that honor last year; and SportsJam, now in its 13th year, hosted by WBGO News Director Doug Doyle.

The introduction of WBGO Studios coincides with the release a new four-part podcast series, The Great Wealth Divide, sponsored by JPMorgan Chase. WBGO Studios will also develop new talent in the podcast arena, as well as seek to help strengthen already existing podcasts in our local community. "We are meeting our audiences where they listen," remarked WBGO President and CEO Steven Williams.

Aligning with WBGO's mission to serve its listeners with unique and exclusive content, The Great Wealth Divide will offer timely and accessible discussion on issues of finance and socioeconomics with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion. The podcast will be hosted by Dale Favors, the highly regarded managing partner of Adaptive Growth Leadership. Favors' background includes work with some of the world's largest hedge funds as well as Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg LP and the Royal Bank of Canada.

The podcast's producer, Mike Sargent, is a veteran broadcaster, filmmaker and writer, and a leading figure in the movement to cultivate diversity in public media. Episodes will drop every Wednesday, beginning on May 19 and running through June 9, and can be found on WBGO.org, the WBGO app, and wherever you subscribe to podcasts.