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Cannabis Product List Continues to Expand, But Is Vaping Safe?

One of the many, many forms of cannabis.

Experts say beverages are likely to be the next frontier now that the technology for large scale production has been developed

The menu of products available for adult-use cannabis continues to grow, in many cases with options becoming more popular than simply smoking weed.

TerrAscend is a licensed cannabis operator in New Jersey, in Morris County. It has partnered with Moxie, a California company that grows cannabis. Moxie CEO Jordan Lams says vaping is a hot product.

“They’re more discreet, they’re easier to dose, so people are able to regulate their intake a lot more easily than they are when you’re combusting the flower,” said Lams.

Concerns about vaping of tobacco first surfaced a few years ago. Lams said there is some controversy about vaping of cannabis.

“It will be a little while before we really know what the long term impacts of vaping are, and there’s a lot of people on both sides with differing opinions,” he said. “Some think that it’s great and it’s so much better, and there are others that I think would probably consider themselves the purists that don’t believe that we should be vaporizing.”

He says products like gummies have become almost as popular as smoking weed.

“The gummy market has become not only just higher quality in the food product itself but the ability of manufacturers such as us to really accurately dose each batch,” he said, “so that every time a customer buys a bag of edibles, time and time again they can expect the same effect.”

Lams says the next frontier in products is likely to be beverages, now that the technology to produce on a big scale has been developed.