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de Blasio Hints At Restrictions For Unvaccinated

Bill de Blasio
NY Mayor's Office

There may be more restrictions and fewer activities available for those who have not gotten the coronavirus vaccine in New York City. Starting September 7th, Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer will no longer allow unvaccinated customers and employees at his Union Square Hospitality group restaurants. He’s got the full backing of Mayor de Blasio

“Because when someone as respected as him steps forward, it will send a message to the whole private sector that others will follow suit immediately.”

De Blasio warns that if the vaccination situation doesn’t improve, life will get more unpleasant for those who have yet to get the shot.

“If people still hesitate, we are going to be climbing that ladder faster and more. So I think you are going to see in short order more and more activities be only for vaccinated folks.”