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NYC Faces Budget Deadline as Indoor Dining May be Delayed In Phase 3 Reopening


New York City’s budget deadline is tomorrow, and the City council and mayor are facing very tough decisions. Mayor Bill de Blasio says nine billion dollars in revenue has evaporated the past few months because of coronavirus.

“More cuts coming because we have to live within our means.”

He says that includes savings from labor unions. de Blasio says he’s still negotiating with the city council over how much to cut from the NYPD budget and what areas of the department to take it from.

“I have to feel in my heart and soul that the city will be safe. You know I am very concerned about the uptick in shootings. We have to make sure we can handle that and we have to make reform.”

Indoor dining may not happen as originally planned when New York City enters phase three of the reopening. Mayor Bill de Blasio rattled off a number of places in the U.S. where coronavirus cases have been tied back to inside bars and restaurants.

“The facts have been worrisome. In the course of this week it got worse and worse around the country.”

Originally the plan was to allow for Indoor dining at the start of phase three but the mayor says it may be paused

“We are now going to reexamine the indoor dining rules for phase three. The rest of phase three is moving on pace for Monday, July 6th.”

Meanwhile, the mayor is giving the green light for barbecue areas to open up in City parks in time for the 4th of July weekend.