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Energy Subsidy Bill Up For Vote In NJ Senate Monday

Senator Bob Smith

A bill to provide subsidies for nuclear plants and renewable power incentives is scheduled for a vote in the New Jersey Senate on Monday. It's not clear whether it has enough support to pass. 

Senator Bob Smith is one of the bill's primary sponsors, but he's not sure if he'll vote for it.

"I think the bill is still a work in progress. So, like any bill you want to wait until you see what is in the final bill. The bill started out tremendously with really good stuff. I'm really concerned about the solar portion at this moment."

Solar industry officials testified at a legislative hearing that the current version of the bill would substantially damage their industry.

The bill originally called for subsidies to prevent nuclear plants in South Jersey from closing, but it's been revised several times since the Murphy administration urged renewable energy provisions be included.

Senator Tony Bucco opposes the measure.

“I’m concerned about what it’s going to cost our ratepayers whether it’s residential or whether it’s manufacturing, and I would hope that there could be some adjustments to this bill as it goes through the process.”

No Republican lawmakers voted for the bill when a legislative committee advanced it for Senate consideration.