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Kym Mazelle: The First Lady of House Music- Part 1

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Kym Mazelle
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Kym Mazelle

Black House Black Joy producer Jamara Wakefield sits down with Kym Mazelle, a true trailblazer of house music in the UK and Europe.

Renowned as "The First Lady of House Music," Mazelle's impact on the genre cannot be overstated. In this episode, Mazelle shares her extraordinary journey, starting from her formative years in a vibrant city like Gary, Indiana, often referred to as a Chocolate City. Discover the compelling story behind Mazelle's groundbreaking achievement as the first woman to secure a major record deal for House Music.

She delves into the factors that propelled her music to unprecedented heights of success, culminating in the global phenomenon that was her lead vocals on Soul II Soul's hit single, "Missing You," featured on their acclaimed album Vol. II: 1990 – A New Decade. Tune in and be inspired as Mazelle unfolds her musical experiences, showcasing the remarkable path she traversed to become a true icon in the UK music scene.

Season One
Jamara Wakefield is an arts and culture writer and creator currently living in Newark.