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You and the Music: A Letter From Nicole Sweeney, Host of Evening Jazz



I’ve woken up many nights and mornings with that one word on my mind.

These past couple of months have truly been difficult for us all. I try not to let my thoughts consume me, as I have a two-and-a-half-year-old that I have to put a game face on for, but even she knows that things are different.

She misses daycare, her friends and teachers — and honestly, I miss the little “me time” I was able to enjoy while she was there. But I try to take any good that I can from all of this, any sliver of positivity that can keep us hopeful. 

Gary Bartz’s “Music is My Sanctuary” has always been one of my theme songs, and I can’t begin to tell you how much that song rings true these days. But another song that always comes to mind whenever I think of what I and my fellow announcers do at WBGO is Donald Byrd’s “You and the Music.” 

While we do our best to get adjusted to this “new normal,” my constant source of inspiration continues to be: You and the Music.  In a world of uncertainty, the support of our listeners — your emails, tweets and other comments — have been one of the most healing things to us here at WBGO. 

When so much in the world has stopped and slowed down, I am thankful that the music continues to play on. Though my new normal consists of working from home (and yes, that probably is Sesame Street you have heard a time or two in the background), the love and support from the WBGO audience is felt now more than ever. It is confirmation that we truly are in this together.


Nicole Sweeney

Host of Evening Jazz

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