Live at the Village Vanguard

Live at the Village Vanguard

Matt WilsonListen to live broadcast recordings from the legendary New York jazz club, presented by WBGO and NPR Music.

Live Broadcast Recordings

  • Brian Blade And The Fellowship Band

    Brian Blade And The Fellowship Band

    One of the world's great percussionists leads a band driven by decades-long friendships, emotionally resonant anthems and flying drumsticks.

  • Peter Bernstein, Larry Goldings, Bill Stewart

    Peter Bernstein, Larry Goldings, Bill Stewart

    Here, the three jazz sidemen come together as a trio. Their format isn't earth-shatteringly new, but after nearly 25 years as a band, their rapport is. Listen to a live concert.

  • Ravi Coltrane Quartet

    Ravi Coltrane Quartet

    After releasing his latest album, last year's Spirit Fiction, the saxophonist put his decade-old quartet on hiatus. He now takes a new group into a venue haunted by the ghosts of his parents.

  • Dave King Trio

    Dave King Trio

    Known for experimentation, The Bad Plus' drummer performs conventional modern jazz on the side. With two underground rhythm-section guys, he travels to one of New York City's most prestigious clubs.

  • Jimmy Cobb

    Jimmy Cobb

    The drummer is 84 — he's been around the jazz scene for a while. He was the drummer on Miles Davis' late-'50s and early-'60s masterpieces. These days, he's still touring the world and leading bands.

  • Kenny Barron Quintet

    Kenny Barron Quintet

    For jazz musicians, Barron is considered an institution. So it's fitting that the pianist gets to celebrate his 70th birthday at another jazz institution. Here, he demonstrates his ebullient clarity.

  • Miguel Zenón Quartet

    Miguel Zenón Quartet

    As one of the best alto saxophone players in the world, Zenón has drawn from his upbringing in Puerto Rico. But he lives in New York — where his quartet has finally been invited to play the Vanguard.

  • Jeff Ballard Fairgrounds

    Jeff Ballard Fairgrounds

    With his ever-changing Fairgrounds band, the drummer gets to mix and match his favorite musicians. Ballard and a multi-generational band play live in New York.

  • Tom Harrell's 'Colors Of A Dream'

    Tom Harrell's 'Colors Of A Dream'

    At 66, the jazz trumpeter is as busy as ever: His current band has released five excellent albums since 2007 alone. His new, project provides further testament to his prolific composing.

  • Chris Potter Quartet

    Chris Potter Quartet

    The history of jazz is often told as a sequence of epic heroes. Coincidentally, an admired saxophonist has been reading Homer lately. Potter presents his new Odyssey-inspired suite The Sirens.

  • David Virelles Continuum

    David Virelles Continuum

    Following in a long line of Cuban-born pianists, Virelles has quickly become an elite New York jazz player. But his vision is mysterious — a back-to-the-future refraction of Afro-Cuban ritual.

  • Wilson, Rosnes, Washington

    Wilson, Rosnes, Washington

    A saxophonist, a pianist and a bass player walk into a bar. But the bar happens to be one of the world's preeminent jazz clubs. And they're working as a collective band: no drummer, no hierarchy.

  • Sound Prints Quintet

    Sound Prints Quintet

    Few jazz bandleaders are as active — and as actively acclaimed — as saxophonist Joe Lovano and trumpeter Dave Douglas. They've launched a band with friends new and old. Hear a live performance.

  • Matt Wilson's Arts And Crafts

    Matt Wilson's Arts And Crafts

    Wilson is always a colorful drummer — a timekeeper who exploits all the timbres a snare drum can give him. He's also a colorful personality, a bandleader who wears his goofy joy on his sleeve.

  • Ethan Iverson, Ben Street, Tootie Heath

    Ethan Iverson, Ben Street, Tootie Heath

    Albert "Tootie" Heath was on John Coltrane's first album and would go on to play with every other major name in hard bop. He reunites with the pianist of The Bad Plus and an in-demand bassist.

  • Marc Ribot Trio

    Marc Ribot Trio

    The guitarist has played in just about every conceivable setting. For this live concert, his trio takes on Albert Ayler, John Coltrane, dirty blues, punk energy and fully liberated improvisation.

  • Craig Taborn Trio

    Craig Taborn Trio

    The pianist once estimated that he was a member of "15 to 20" working bands — which says something about how much (and how many) fellow musicians value his playing. Hear him perform with his own band.

  • Al Foster Quartet

    Al Foster Quartet

    The great drummer made his debut at the club with Sonny Rollins in the late '60s. Foster has been a sideman to the stars ever since, and now he leads his own band of young guns.

  • Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

    Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

    There's a tradition in many New York City jazz clubs: Monday nights are reserved for big bands. The Village Vanguard, the most storied of clubs, has observed this practice since 1966.

  • Bill McHenry Quartet

    Bill McHenry Quartet

    A tenor saxophonist who makes uncommon, beautiful music performs with a new lineup, including the great drummer Andrew Cyrille. Watch the band explore his slow, penetrating tunes.

  • Fabian Almazan

    Fabian Almazan

    He's a film composer, a Cuban-American musician and a modern jazzman. It's all on display when the 27-year-old pianist performs with his jazz trio and string quartet. Hear a live concert recording.

  • Geri Allen Trio

    Geri Allen Trio

    It's hard to think of anyone who embodies the dual challenges of tradition and innovation better than composer and pianist Geri Allen. She brought a trio to the club for a live video webcast.

  • Jenny Scheinman's Mischief And Mayhem

    Jenny Scheinman's Mischief And Mayhem

    The violinist is one of the most versatile musicians working today — she collaborates with Bill Frisell, Norah Jones and Jimmie Dale Gilmore, among others. Her newest band is in this live recording.

  • The Heath Brothers

    The Heath Brothers

    In a family band made up of jazz legends, saxophonist Jimmy and drummer Tootie Heath carry on the sophisticated and swinging quartet that once featured their late brother. Hear a live recording.

  • Mark Turner Quartet

    Mark Turner Quartet

    He has no website (yet) and no records as a leader in the last 10 years. But he's probably the most influential tenor saxophonist of his generation. Hear a live recording from the legendary venue.

  • Roy Hargrove Quintet

    Roy Hargrove Quintet

    The trumpeter's current band is an argument for the idea that the elegance and sophistication of classic post-bebop jazz remains appealing today. Hear its catchy tunes and creative energy live.

  • Martial Solal Duo

    Martial Solal Duo

    At 83, Martial Solal is still one of the finest (and weirdest) jazz pianists to be seen anywhere. But, being based in France, he's just not seen often in the U.S. Watch and hear a live webcast.

  • Terell Stafford Quintet

    Terell Stafford Quintet

    The composer Billy Strayhorn wrote some of the most exquisite melodies in the history of jazz. Stafford, the versatile trumpeter, played original arrangements of Strayhorn tunes with his working band.

  • Aaron Goldberg Trio + 1

    Aaron Goldberg Trio + 1

    The pianist and his core trio have been some of the busiest sidemen in the business. But Goldberg has also made time to lead for more than 10 years, and does so this time with Mark Turner on sax.

  • Joe Lovano Us Five

    Joe Lovano Us Five

    How do you play the highly distinctive compositions of Charlie Parker while sounding like yourself? The monster tenor saxophonist gives it a shot with his double-drummer band Us Five.

  • Robert Glasper Trio

    Robert Glasper Trio

    He works with top hip-hop and soul artists, but he's also a supple, simmering pianist with no shortage of jazz cred. Hear Glasper's playful band as it's embraced at the New York jazz bastion.

  • Lou Donaldson Quartet

    Lou Donaldson Quartet

    By the time he started his latest weeklong run at the New York club, the alto saxophonist had just turned 84. He's been based in New York for 60-odd years, during which time he's become a jazz legend.

  • Jason Moran And The Bandwagon

    Jason Moran And The Bandwagon

    The piano trio is known to deconstruct standards and assemble its pianist's mixed-media compositions in the same breath. Hear the band, led by its recent MacArthur Genius Grant winner, perform.

  • Renee Rosnes Quartet

    Renee Rosnes Quartet

    A standout straight-ahead jazz pianist on the New York scene for nearly a quarter-century, Rosnes puts together a quartet of veterans and frequent collaborators for a run at the famed club.

  • Greg Osby Quintet

    Greg Osby Quintet

    The great saxophonist, noted for labyrinthine explorations which press ever forward, celebrates his 50th birthday by bringing a band into the hallowed basement club. Hear the live recording.

  • Barry Harris Trio

    Barry Harris Trio

    It's one thing to admire and study the music of the bebop era. But Harris, a octogenarian pianist with a supple touch, lived it, and exudes that feeling in each of his performances.

  • Wayne Escoffery Quartet

    Wayne Escoffery Quartet

    When he isn't gigging with the modern masters, you might find the bright, energetic tenor saxophonist leading his own groups. A foursome in tow, he plays the Vanguard as a bandleader.

  • Sam Yahel Trio

    Sam Yahel Trio

    If you'd heard of Sam Yahel before last year, you probably knew him as a Hammond B-3 organist. He performs as an acoustic keyboardist during his debut as a leader at the Vanguard.

  • Steve Wilson & Wilsonian's Grain

    Steve Wilson & Wilsonian's Grain

    He's been a "first-call" saxophonist in New York City for more than two decades. But this week, he's the one doing the calling. Wilson and his new quartet of old friends set up shop at the Vanguard.

  • Nicholas Payton Quintet

    Nicholas Payton Quintet

    He found his footing in jazz through its hard-swinging main stem. But after he'd proved his hard-bop mettle, he leaned toward experimentalism. Now, the trumpeter seems comfortable with all of it.

  • Gerald Clayton Trio

    Gerald Clayton Trio

    He's the son of a bassist, the nephew of a saxophonist, the neighbor of his bass player and the roommate of his drummer. And now, the graceful young pianist made his debut at the venerable club.

  • Lee Konitz Trio

    Lee Konitz Trio

    He's an octogenarian and jazz legend, but he's still going full tilt. Joined by two much younger musicians, the wonderfully unpredictable alto saxophonist performs live at the great New York venue.

  • The Bad Plus

    The Bad Plus

    It's no use pretending that a crucial part of The Bad Plus' wide appeal isn't its re-imaginings of pop hits. But as it ushers in a new decade, the trio focuses mostly on new, original compositions.

  • Dave Douglas Quintet

    Dave Douglas Quintet

    These days, the trumpeter and composer is becoming a public advocate for jazz at large. But this week, it's all about the music: His most popular band presents new works.

  • Christian McBride And Inside Straight

    Christian McBride And Inside Straight

    What do you do when you're one of the world's top bassists and you get a craving to play the Vanguard again? If you're Christian McBride, you assemble a top-notch, straight-ahead acoustic quintet.

  • Billy Hart Quartet

    Billy Hart Quartet

    Hart has lived through multiple sea changes in jazz; what makes him exciting to watch is that he's also clearly absorbed them all. Here, the career sideman steps into the leader's chair.

  • JD Allen Trio

    JD Allen Trio

    The first album recorded live at the Vanguard was made in 1956. Noisy but soothing, simple but dense, tenor saxophonist J.D. Allen's trio is primed to confront jazz history's shadow on its home turf.

  • Fred Hersch Trio

    Fred Hersch Trio

    A prolific, conceptually ambitious musician, the pianist spent more than two months of 2008 comatose in the hospital. Thankfully, he's made a full recovery. He proved it with his trio live on stage.

  • Bill McHenry Quintet

    Bill McHenry Quintet

    Many recognize the tenor saxophonist as one of the most original voices of his generation; one who possesses the rare ability to distill abstruse modern ideas into gorgeous, palpably warm music.

  • Allen Toussaint

    Allen Toussaint

    He's a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame producer, songwriter, pianist, singer and New Orleans native. And now he's made one of the best jazz albums of 2009. Toussaint brings a diverse cast to the Vanguard.

  • Tom Harrell

    Tom Harrell

    A veteran known for his lyrical compositions and full, round tone, Harrell is one of the jazz world's most respected trumpeters. Here, he leads his quintet.

  • David Sanchez

    David Sanchez

    The tenor saxophonist possesses an exemplary cross-cultural resume. What comes out of his horn these days is a new, all-encompassing strain of Latin jazz, akin to the post-bop of his peers.

  • Edward Simon Quartet

    Edward Simon Quartet

    The pianist and composer has a distinctively modern, studied form of Latin jazz. He presents his quartet in concert, featuring the return of tenor saxophonist Mark Turner from a scary hand injury.

  • Terence Blanchard Quintet

    Terence Blanchard Quintet

    The New Orleans trumpeter is known as a film composer for Spike Lee, and as a standard-bearer of modern jazz innovation. He brings his quintet into lower Manhattan.

  • Kurt Rosenwinkel

    Kurt Rosenwinkel

    A guitarist whose harmonic ideas and sinuous, legato approach make him readily identifiable, Rosenwinkel is arguably the most beloved jazz guitarist of his generation.

  • Cedar Walton Trio

    Cedar Walton Trio

    It's been nearly 50 years since the savvy hard-bop veteran first played the Vanguard. With a new album and a two-week engagement lined up, Walton shows no signs of stopping.

  • Ravi Coltrane

    Ravi Coltrane

    He's descended from jazz royalty, and he wears it with pride. But the saxophonist has engineered his own modern, personal approach to improvisation. Hear Ravi Coltrane's working quartet perform live.

  • Jenny Scheinman

    Jenny Scheinman

    The violinist, composer and occasional country singer has long been developing a rich, earthy take on American music, filtered through adventurous jazz sensibilities.

  • Anat Cohen

    Anat Cohen

    Reedwoman Anat Cohen totes a clarinet and two saxophones, and plays them in modern jazz, traditional revues and every Afro-Latin hybrid imaginable. She'll do all that and more in this live broadcast.

  • Bill Charlap Trio

    Bill Charlap Trio

    One of today's most popular mainstream pianists, Charlap delights in selecting the most attractive standards of yesteryear and rendering them with tactful, warmly familiar gestures.

  • Chris Potter Underground At The Village Vanguard

    Chris Potter Underground At The Village Vanguard

    Widely considered one of his generation's premier saxophonists, Potter plugs in with his quartet of backbeat-blasting electronic wizards.

  • Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Joe Lovano

    Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Joe Lovano

    Paul Motian, Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano are all towering figures of modern jazz. They also happen to have played together for more than a quarter-century. They convene once again at the club.

  • Kenny Barron

    Kenny Barron

    Barron has long been known as one of New York's most talented and tasteful keyboard players. He brings a quartet of young instrumentalists to the Greenwich Village outpost.

  • Uri Caine Trio

    Uri Caine Trio

    A progressive musical polymath famed for his abundant improvisational skills and mutated reinventions of classical repertoire, the pianist and composer kick-starts his acoustic jazz trio.

  • Brian Blade

    Brian Blade

    Widely recognized as one of the finest drummers in modern jazz — or in all of popular music, for that matter — Blade leads his celebrated Fellowship Band, fresh off their first recording in years.

  • Guillermo Klein

    Guillermo Klein

    Celebrated by his peers, the Argentinean composer and pianist developed a highly original songbook before leaving the U.S. in 2000. He returns to New York to reunite his acclaimed band, Los Guachos.

  • Al Foster Quartet

    Al Foster Quartet

    The master drummer, a longtime anchor of Miles Davis' electric experiments, brings his versatile timekeeping and a hard-swinging group to the legendary venue. Hear a live performance.

  • Adam Rogers Quintet

    Adam Rogers Quintet

    Having long plied his angular brand of post-bop in New York, the jazz guitarist gathered a handful of the city's best musicians for his debut as a leader at the storied enclave. Hear the performance.