WBGO Presents a Tribute to George Duke

August 17, 2013 by Josh Jackson  
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WBGO Presents a Tribute to George Duke

Credit: Scott Mitchell Photography

Christian McBride remembers George Duke in this WBGO special.
Hosted by Josh Jackson


3 Responses to “WBGO Presents a Tribute to George Duke”
  1. Charles Richards says:

    What a great tribute. i have been a Duke fan for a long time. I was really saddned when I heard of his passing. I became a fan of his during his fusion years. Later on I was amazed at the different artist I knew that had his name on their linear notes as musician/writer/ producer.
    Chritsian/Josh, what a great trip down memory lane. It has only been about one hour into the show, yet I am wondering if you will highlight any of the Duke/Clarke work?

  2. John Thmpson says:

    I met George Duke in the Airport in San Jose in the 70″s. He was with band members walking to the exit gate, and I just hollered out ‘George Duke”. Response… “Hey man, what’s happenin”. Mello fellow. Stopped to talk abouthis music and went on. No pretenses. brought lots of life into my life through his musical talents.

  3. Kwame Coston says:

    I was introduced to the music of George Duke at the age of 15 when “I love the blues, she heard my cry” came out. What I appreciated about George Duke almost as much as his staggering skill level as a pianist was his warmth and humility. After having seen him perform live nearly a dozen times in 3 different cities he came to Richmond, Virginia in June of 2003 and gave me the unexpected thrill of inviting me onstage to sit in with his band. I became somewhat of a local celebrity because of that experience and I’m thankful to have made good on my opportunity to personally thank him for putting an emotional capstone on my life as a pianist. I couldn’t forget that night with my childhood hero if I had Alzheimer’s. Thank you again, Sir George Duke and may you forever Rest in Peace and Power.

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