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It was an extraordinarily diverse year in films. There were multiple films at all different levels of taste and interests. And great performances dropped out of the sky—or should I say inhabitances, since there were so many instances of good people bringing back the dead from history. Insert the obligatory No Such Thing as a 10 Best list here.

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First and foremost is the long-awaited Roma by Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron. Roma is autobiographical, a sense memory of growing up in Mexico City during the 1970s.

Harlan Jacobson

The serious fun season of movies kicks off just after Labor Day with the Toronto International Film Festival that closes this weekend.

Now in its 43rd year, Toronto, or TIFF, as it’s known has become increasingly one of the most important sales and marketing conventions in the film industry.

With nearly 260 films, that’s pared down from as recently as two years ago when there were some 350—Toronto is the dominant festival in North America and quite possibly the world.