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At Kean University, Martin Luther King Day was marked with a panel discussion about the importance of teaching African-American history in schools, and how education is the best way to fight racism.

One of the panelists was Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, who talked about how racial injustice led to the events of January 6. “The most secure building in the world was invaded, and if you look at the people who invaded it, you start to wonder, how did somebody dressed up as Chewbacca with a Viking hat get into the Senate,” he asked, as the remark drew some laughter.

Frank Stewart / Jazz at Lincoln Center

Wynton Marsalis has always been deeply engaged in the subject of American race relations.

George Floyd
The New Yorker

I have to say, I went against my better judgement and I watched the video of the murder of George Floyd and it paralyzed me. I could do nothing for 2 days. Trying to understand how someone could take sadistic pleasure in seeing the life slip away from another human being while that person begged for his life to be spared.

This month's edition of Newark Today was an in-depth discussion on race, policing and police reform in New Jersey's largest city.