Jewish and African American activists in New Jersey have teamed up to combat what they say is an increase in hate and bigotry across the state.

The new partnership between the Anti-Defamation League, or ADL, and the NAACP comes just weeks after a fatal shooting at a Jewish deli in Jersey City and amid continued fallout over anti-Semitic comments made by two separate New Jersey NAACP officials.

The gender and racial makeup of New Jersey’s teaching workforce does not resemble the state’s student body, according to a report released Monday.

Researchers at the progressive think tank New Jersey Policy Perspective, which published the report, said the demographic imbalance could have negative effects in the classroom.

The New Jersey General Assembly will vote Thursday on a measure to mandate sensitivity training for high school coaches, athletic staff, and officials.

Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly, D-Passaic, who is also a high school football coach, said enduring racist behavior as a player prompted him to sponsor the legislation.