Patrick Diegnan

Following several accidents involving school buses, a New Jersey Senate Committee has advanced a package of bus safety measure.

Senate Transportation Committee chairman Patrick Diegnan says one measure requires school bus drivers 70 and older to submit proof of physical and mental fitness annually. Those over 75 would have to do so every six months. He initially proposed banning drivers over 75.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says planned improvements will bring some relief for hundreds of thousands of New Jersey Transit bus riders.

Kevin Corbett is New Jersey Transit’s executive director. He says the agency is recruiting 40 additional bus drivers and taking other steps to minimize bus delays.

“These enhancements will involve the adjustment of running times along with some additional buses with the additional bus drivers needed to provide bus stop arrivals more in sync with the actual time points on the schedule.”

Alcoholic beverages might be available at more New Jersey theaters if a bill passed by a state Senate committee becomes law.

New Jersey law now allows non-profit corporations that conduct musical or theatrical performances in a theater with at least a thousand seats to apply for a special liquor license.

Senator Patrick Diegnan says his bill would lower the threshold.