Fall Preview

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The musical fruits in our epic Fall Preview are now dropping to the public. The chief compiler of that undertaking, WBGO editorial director Nate Chinen, highlights some of his picks in this episode of The Checkout. Afternoon Jazz host Keanna Faircloth also crashes the listening party.

Tim Berne / Courtesy of the artist

At one point in the process of compiling WBGO’s 2020 Fall Preview, I realized that a handful of this season’s most anticipated albums amount to More of the Same — and that this wasn’t cause for disappointment, but rather a source of delight.


The world ground to a halt, but the music kept coming.

That’s an oversimplification, of course, and perhaps a bit misleading. But it’s also a reasonable response to the cornucopia of our 2020 Fall Preview, which assembles 88 new albums and events, by improvising artists across the broadest possible range of style.

Blue Note Records

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?

Jacky Terrasson would surely answer that prompt with a grin. A jazz pianist who emerged in the early 1990s like a sprinter off the blocks, he has always brought a decisive dash to his music, along with a resistance to any form of stasis.

Whirlwind Recordings

What does our music sound like now?

We mean “now” as in right now — fall of 2019? There’s no simple answer to that question, but The Checkout is here to help. Taking our cue from the WBGO Fall Preview, a rundown of 88 picks for the new season, we’ll explore some of the albums poised to make an impact in the weeks to come.

Autumn brings a cornucopia for jazz fans. 

Must-have albums, can’t-miss festivals, sounds both old and new. WBGO has gathered 88 highlights for your enjoyment, with expert commentary. (Pumpkin spice sold separately.)