Fall Preview

Tim Berne / Courtesy of the artist

At one point in the process of compiling WBGO’s 2020 Fall Preview, I realized that a handful of this season’s most anticipated albums amount to More of the Same — and that this wasn’t cause for disappointment, but rather a source of delight.


The world ground to a halt, but the music kept coming.

Blue Note Records

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era?

Jacky Terrasson would surely answer that prompt with a grin. A jazz pianist who emerged in the early 1990s like a sprinter off the blocks, he has always brought a decisive dash to his music, along with a resistance to any form of stasis.

Whirlwind Recordings

What does our music sound like now?

We mean “now” as in right now — fall of 2019? There’s no simple answer to that question, but The Checkout is here to help. Taking our cue from the WBGO Fall Preview, a rundown of 88 picks for the new season, we’ll explore some of the albums poised to make an impact in the weeks to come.

Autumn brings a cornucopia for jazz fans. 

Must-have albums, can’t-miss festivals, sounds both old and new. WBGO has gathered 88 highlights for your enjoyment, with expert commentary. (Pumpkin spice sold separately.)