Newark Public Library

The Newark Public Library may be closed during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean its resources are off limits

The Newark Library offers educational resources , e-books and homework help, entertainment, movies and streaming services and even mental health services:

Executive Director  Tom Alrutz says the services are extremely valuable.

Pat Cavanaugh
Sotiris Aggelou

READY Nutrition was founded by former University of Pittsburgh basketball team captain Pat Cavanaugh.

It wasn't long before Cavanaugh turned his cutting-edge sports nutrition company into a force in the competitive market. 

NYC To Begin New COVID-19 Testing Method

Apr 27, 2020

There’s a new kind of coronavirus testing being started in New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio says patients will administer it themselves at city testing sites, increasing the number of coronavirus tests by 25 percent at city run sites.  The new method will be less risky to healthcare workers who had been getting close to patients to take a nose swab.

“The patient takes something basically like a sterile Q-tip, puts that in their nose. They don’t have to go way deep. Just enough to get a sample. Forgive my bluntness, they spit into a cup.”

Here Is Gov. Murphy's Plan For Reopening N.J.

Apr 27, 2020

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Monday debuted to residents his plan for how the Garden State can begin to reopen after the country’s second-worst outbreak of COVID-19 infections put an unprecedented strain on the state’s government and crippled parts of its health care system.

Murphy said officials would move as quickly as possible to return life to normal in New Jersey — but only as long as they believed it was safe for residents.

SmartAsset Study: NJ and NY Get Low PPP Funding

Apr 27, 2020
PPP Funding

There’s more evidence that pandemic relief to small business is not ending up where it is most needed.

A study by the personal finance website SmartAsset shows that the states with the highest COVID-19 infection rates, notably New York and New Jersey, had the lowest percentages of their eligible payrolls covered by the first round of the Paycheck Protection Program.

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Governor Andrew Cuomo is laying out a vague plan for reopening businesses in New York State that were forced to shut because of coronavirus.

Cuomo says the state will reopen in phases based on coronavirus data and it could start after May 15th in some regions. Phase 1 will be low risk construction and manufacturing companies. Cuomo says there would be two weeks of analysis on the effects before phase two. That involves an analysis of businesses by businesses.

“How essential a service does that business provide and how risky is that business. 

Rich Lisk
Rich Lisk

Rich Lisk, the Executive VP of of the NLL's New York Riptide and GF Sports, has quite a story of success and survival.

Lisk, the latest guest on SportsJam with Doug Doyle, talks about how he beccame a sports marketing guru, his love of the Jersey Shore and now Long Island, and how sports helped him deal with "the nightmare" of growing up in an abusive household.

NYC First Responders

WBGO's Bob Hennelly, who is also a reporter for the Chief Leader, talks to WBGO News Director Doug Doyle about how first responders and civil service workers in New York City haven't had all their stories told.

On Friday, New Jersey reported another 3,047 COVID-19 cases, bringing the state’s total to 102,196.

Another 253 people died as a result of coronavirus, which means New Jersey has now lost a total of 5,617 residents to the outbreak.

Renters can use their security deposits to pay rent

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced Friday that he had signed an executive order allowing tenants to use their security deposits to pay rent, a practice that was previously barred by state law.

Kevin Williams
Shore Sports Network

Kevin Williams is a legendary sports host who is the Director of the Shore Sports Network and has been covering sports for WOBM in Ocean County for nearly 41 years.  

Williams created the WOBM Christmas Classic, a 32-team boys and girls basketball tournament that's been around for nearly 37 years.  

Kevin is the latest guest on SportsJam with Doug Doyle as the former colleagues practiced social distancing during the coronavirus crisis.  Williams and Doyle were the play-by-team at WOBM in the early 1990's.

Mayor de Blasio calls it a good day as he points out positive coronavirus data for New York City.    

The mayor seemed more upbeat than previous days when talking about the data.  In a recent 24 hour period, the number of people admitted to city hospitals for suspected coronavirus was down significantly, the number of people in IC units is lower slightly as is the percentage of people testing positive.


As COVID-19 cases continue to soar in New Jersey, addiction treatment providers who are usually in close contact with people who use drugs have been figuring out how to continue offering services — at arm’s length.

With the state’s harm reduction centers cutting back their hours and in-person consultations becoming trickier, advocates for those with addiction worry that the coronavirus pandemic may cause other public health emergencies to worsen while nobody’s watching.

Ask Governor Murphy

The latest edition of Ask Governor Murphy on April 23 focused on how New Jersey is handling the coronavirus.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, practicing social distancing, joined the show from his home.  The show was hosted by WNYC's Nancy Solomon.

Calls and social media questions focused on nursing homes, the need for more PPE, unemployment and the desire for the Governor to change his mind about closing the state's parks and golf courses,

Anthony Dean

Bootsie Barnes, a tenor saxophonist and bandleader who set a rigorous standard for hard bop, presiding as a master and mentor in his hometown of Philadelphia, died on Wednesday at Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood, Pa. He was 82.

Alexandra Hill / News

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka is calling on the federal government for assistance as it works to stop the spread of COVID-19 and limit its impact on the city’s budget.  

Just a few short weeks ago the city put in several of its own stimulus packages to help residents but now Baraka says those, along with the additional burden on health, public safety and sanitation services have put a significant dent in the city coffers. Baraka says if they don't get help, they may be forced to furlough city employees and face possible buyouts.

New Jersey reported 3,551 new coronavirus cases Wednesday, bringing the state’s total to 95,865 residents with the sickness.

Another 314 people died of COVID-19, which means New Jersey has now seen a total of 5,063 as a result of the pandemic.

Testing criteria unchanged at Bergen, Monmouth sites

New Jersey residents must still show signs of a respiratory illness to get tested at the state’s two main drive-thru testing sites, Gov. Phil Murphy said Wednesday.

LPCCD Facebook Page

Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District is partnering with the City of Newark, The Greater Newark Conservancy, and Rutgers Newark medical students, along with a host of other local organizations, to feed seniors and families in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Executive Director Anthony Smith says the multi-organizational partnership has allowed them to expand on their already existing initiative to provide fresh produce and healthy meals to seniors in the Lincoln Park community Newark.


Food banks in New Jersey are finding business is booming as more and more people lose their jobs.

Fulfill … a food bank in Monmouth and Ocean Counties … is serving about 200,000 people these days … up from about 136,000.

And it has served about 364,000 meals … up about 40 percent. Kim Guadagno … president and CEO … says they’re trying to help the resort areas.

Feeding Westchester

Westchester County was the epicenter at the beginning of the pandemic … and food banks there had a lot of on the job training in how to deal with a surge in demand.

Matthew Honeycutt is vice president for development at Feeding Westchester … he says one problem has been manpower.

NYC to Launch Widespread Test and Trace Program

Apr 22, 2020

New York City officials are getting ready to do wide scale coronavirus testing once the tests become available.  In the coming weeks, a test and trace program will get going.  Mayor Bill de Blasio says this involves quickly tracking down and assessing people in contact with someone with coronavirus.

New Jersey reported an additional 3,643 cases of the coronavirus Tuesday, bringing the state total to 92,387.

Another 379 people died as a result of COVID-19, which means the state has seen a total of 4,753 fatalities.

Central Jersey sees signs of a surge 

Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli said hospitals in Central Jersey were beginning to see a surge in COVID-19 patients, as infections move from the hardest-hit northern counties further south.

Brad Lander
Councilman Lander's office

With little traffic right now, legislation is expected to be introduced at the virtual city council meeting today that would shut many New York City streets in an effort to battle coronavirus.

This has widespread support among city lawmakers. Councilman Brad Lander says the legislation would close 75 miles of streets in all five boroughs to allow new Yorkers more room for social distancing and for exercise.

 New York City plans to honor the heroes on the front lines battling coronavirus. 

Mayor de Blasio guarantees the first thing the city will do when the coronavirus pandemic dies down is have a ticker tape parade along Broadway for health care workers and first responders.

“This parade will mark the beginning of our renaissance.  But it will also be most importantly a chance to say thank you.”

The mayor says the parade will speak to a kind of heroism that is intrinsic to who we are as New Yorkers.

Coronavirus update: 8 N.J. prisoners die of COVID-19

Apr 21, 2020

New Jersey reported 3,528 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, bringing the state total to 88,806 cases.

Another 177 New Jersey residents died as a result of coronavirus for a total of 4,377 fatalities.

Hospital discharges outpace new admissions

The rate of new hospitalizations of those sickened with COVID-19 is slowing in New Jersey, a positive sign that officials said showed the statewide stay-at-home order was succeeding at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

Scott Pringle

A group of New York City lawmakers is calling for the subway and bus system to be shut down temporarily because of coronavirus.

Robert Holden is one of four council members who signed off on a letter to Governor Cuomo asking for the transit system be shut down for at least a week for a deep cleaning.

He points to stats showing about 25-hundred MTA employees have tested positive for coronavirus.

News Voices

WBGO News is hosting a DIGITAL CONVERSATION ABOUT NEWARK on April 21 (Tuesday) at 3pm and you are invited to join in.  

The event is part of the News Voices-Free Press partnership that began a year ago in the WBGO News Deparment, made possible by a grant from the Dodge Foundation.  

New York City Cancels All June Events

Apr 20, 2020

Planned events in June in New York City are being cancelled.

Popular events like the Pride March and Puerto Rican Day Parade where hundreds of thousands gather annually will not happen in June

“A lot of these events will be postponed.  I want to be clear.  The permits are being cancelled for June.  But the event organizers, a lot of them are looking at doing something later in the year.”

Justin Bettman

Like any artist releasing new music right now, Nir Felder has had to make some adjustments.

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Mayor's office

There is data showing the worst has past with the coronavirus in New York State, but New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says folks need to keep social distancing.

The mayor says with the weather getting nicer, officers will be ramping up enforcement of coronavirus related restrictions.

“This is a horrible disease. We have seen the toll it’s taking. And if we let it back in the door, it will reassert itself."

Mayor de Blasio wants new Yorkers to send in pictures of violators to