New York City’s budget deadline is tomorrow, and the City council and mayor are facing very tough decisions. Mayor Bill de Blasio says nine billion dollars in revenue has evaporated the past few months because of coronavirus.

“More cuts coming because we have to live within our means.”

He says that includes savings from labor unions. de Blasio says he’s still negotiating with the city council over how much to cut from the NYPD budget and what areas of the department to take it from.

New Jersey reported another 524 cases of coronavirus Friday, bringing the state’s cumulative total to 170,584 since the start of the pandemic.

Another 44 residents died as a result of COVID-19. The state’s confirmed and probable fatalities now stand at 14,914.

School to reopen in September with restrictions

New Jersey schools will offer some form of in-person instruction this fall, but many students may also learn remotely, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Friday.

New Jersey reported another 406 cases of coronavirus Thursday, bringing the state’s total number of residents who tested positive for COVID-19 to 170,196.

Another 26 people were confirmed to have died from complications of the virus. The state also reported 1,854 probable deaths throughout the course of the pandemic, the first time it has released such a figure. It means New Jersey’s death toll now stands at 14,872.

Deaths spike as state begins counting ‘probable’ fatalities

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Rio Sakairi, Artistic Director at The Jazz Gallery, didn’t exactly come running into the age of virtual concert presentation.

“If I’m speaking honestly, I’m only doing this because people have been asking for it,” she says of the club’s new livestream, which kicks off tonight with a set by the Joel Ross Trio. “I’m not crazy about it. But I know the musicians are craving to play with each other, so for that, it’s great.”

New Jersey reported another 317 cases of coronavirus Wednesday, bringing the state’s total number of residents who tested positive for COVID-19 to 169,892.

Another 48 died from complications of the virus. The state has now lost 12,995 residents to coronavirus.

Travelers to N.J. from states with coronavirus spikes to self-quarantine

New Jersey reported another 382 cases of coronavirus Tuesday, bringing the state’s total number of residents who caught COVID-19 to 169,734.

Another 57 died from complications of the virus. The state has now lost 12,949 residents to coronavirus.

Amusement parks to reopen

Outdoor amusement and water parks in the Garden State can reopen beginning July 2, as the state continues to restart its economy amid a decline in new coronavirus infections.

Officials in New Jersey said Monday there were 359 new confirmed COVID-19 cases; bringing the statewide total to 169,415 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Another 27 mortalities were reported raising the death toll to 12,895.

There 1,029 hospitalized patients according to the latest census from the state hospital association; 287 are in intensive care.

Tough love from the Gov.

While New Jersey continues a downward trend in the number of coronavirus cases, Gov. Phil Murphy felt the need to give “a little bit tough love.”

Table to Table
Greater Newark Conversancy

The FDA currently estimates that 30 to 40 per cent of all food supply in America is wasted, making it the largest category of material that is sent to landfills. Organizations like Table to Table are on a mission to stop the waste. 

“We pick up from about 150 different donors, the food is distributed to about 250 partner agencies, and last year we picked up enough food for 23 Million meals. It’s an insane amount and if you think that most of it would have just been thrown away, that is the part that is just baffling.”

Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival

The August Wilson African American Cultural Center, one of the largest non-profit cultural organization in the country is presenting the first-ever Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival Live Online, a free special event that will stream live on Saturday, June 20 at 12 pm.

New Jersey officials reported another 516 cases of coronavirus Friday, bringing the state’s overall total to 168,496 cases since March.

Another 37 residents died from complications of COVID-19, which means at least 12,835 have passed away from the illness.

Nursing homes to allow visitors

Long-term care facilities in New Jersey will be permitted to allow visitors once again starting Sunday.

New Jersey reported 442 new coronavirus cases Thursday, bringing the statewide total to 168,107.

And officials say there were 38 additional deaths reported, bringing the toll to 12,800.

Grewal urges dropping charges against protest organizers

Gov. Phil Murphy took flak for marching along with Black Lives Matter protesters even while the organizers of protests against his stay-at-home orders were ticketed. And now his attorney general is urging local law enforcement to drop such charges.

NYC To Enter Phase 2 Reopening Monday

Jun 18, 2020

Mayor Bill de Blasio is confirming New York City will enter phase two of reopening Monday With solid coronavirus data continuing to remain consistent. Mayor de Blasio says up to 300 thousand people will come back to work for phase two.

“Phase Two is the single biggest of all the phases. And it includes everyone who works in offices, retail and now in store retail.”

New Jersey reported 330 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, bringing the total to 167,703.

There were 47 new deaths reported from the virus, raising the toll to 12,769.

Sixty-four people were admitted to hospitals across the state, raising the total number of hospitalizations to 1,352, according to the state hospital association; 358 patients are in intensive care.

Undocumented workers say they’re left out of recovery relief

New Jersey reported Tuesday 470 new confirmed COVID-19 cases; bringing the total to 167,426.

There were 51 new deaths reported from the virus raising the toll to 12,727.

Thirty-three people were admitted to hospitals across the state, raising the total number of hospitalizations to 1,291 according to the state hospital association; 362 patients are in intensive care.

Former assistant health commissioner blows whistle on Murphy officials

More Regions Set to Enter Phase 3 in New York

Jun 15, 2020

Governor Cuomo thinks New York State is in the best shape in the country with coronavirus.   Cuomo Says the state’s accomplishments will go down in the history books.

"New York scaled the highest mountain and went from the worst situation with this COVID virus to the best situation." 

He laid out new COVID data showing New York is best in the nation with record low deaths and hospitalizations

Jazz House Kids
Jazz House Kids

"Playing Through The Changes" is a one night only virtual benefit to support the Jazz House Kids Relief Fund.  It's set for this Friday, June 19 at 7:30pm ET on the Jazz House website as well as the nonprofit oganization's YouTube and Facebook page.  

The President and CEO of Jazz House Kids, which has helped nearly 50-thousand young musicians and a NEA recipient, is singer Melissa Walker.  She spoke to WBGO News Director Doug Doyle about the event.

New Jersey reported another 495 cases of coronavirus Friday, bringing the state’s total to 166,164 confirmed cases.

The state lost another 48 residents to the disease, which means at least 12,489 New Jerseyans have died from complications of COVID-19.

State to sue Asbury Park over indoor dining

Gov. Phil Murphy announced Friday that the state will file a lawsuit against Asbury Park over a plan to allow restaurants to serve patrons indoors, which is still banned across the state to slow the spread of coronavirus.

 With the coronavirus situation improving in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio is not ruling out the possibility that all children will go school in September.  Mayor de Blasio says the city will try and get the most children in school buildings as possible in September while keeping it safe.  He does admit a lot can change between now and then with coronavirus and even during the school year. 

New Jersey reported another 539 coronavirus cases Thursday, bringing the state’s total number of residents sickened to 165,816.

Another 70 residents died from complications of COVID-19. All told, 12,433 people have died in New Jersey from the disease.

Workers can refuse to return over safety fears

Workers recalled to their job, but concerned their employer has not met required health and safety standards or has violated a New Jersey executive order on COVID-19, can refuse to work and continue collecting unemployment benefits.

On Wednesday, New Jersey reported 611 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and an additional 74 deaths from the virus.

The new statewide totals are 165,346 cases and 12,377 mortalities.

The state hospital association reported 1,701 hospitalizations as of 10:30 p.m. Tuesday; a net reduction of 15 hospitalizations.

The number of patients in intensive care decreased by 30 to a total of 471.

Training begins for additional contact tracers

On Tuesday, New Jersey reported 375 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and an additional 91 deaths from the virus.

The new statewide totals are 164,796 cases and 12,303 mortalities.

The state hospital association reported 1,736 hospitalizations as of 10 p.m. Monday; a net reduction of four hospitalizations.

The number of patients in intensive care increased by 12 to a total of 510.

Stay-at-home order lifted

Gov. Phil Murphy lifted the state’s stay-at-home order Tuesday.

Phase two of reopening could start earlier than the original target of July for New York City.    The data shows just one percent are testing positive now for coronavirus in the Big Apple with some 30-thousand plus tests being done daily.


“That is an amazing statement on what all of you have achieved, all of you have done.”


NYC Begins Phase One of Reopening

Jun 8, 2020

  New York City has been the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s now starting phase one of reopening today. Mayor de Blasio credits New Yorkers, saying they did the hard work with social distancing, face coverings and other measures to get the number of coronavirus cases down. Manufacturing, retail for curbside pickup and construction are among the industries that are back with phase one.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is urging all New Yorkers, especially protesters to get tested for coronavirus.

Throngs of people have been seen packed together protesting the police custody death of George Floyd  in the recent week or so and many were not wearing face coverings.

“If you have been at one of these protests, I want to strongly urge you to get tested.  It has been a real concern that people have gathered in close proximity.”

de Blasio says the city now has enough testing capacity where he’s urging every New Yorker to get tested.

Coronavirus update: N.J. Assembly approves $5 billion borrowing plan

Jun 5, 2020

New Jersey reported another 603 cases of coronavirus on Thursday, bringing the state’s cumulative count of infected residents to 162,530.

The state lost another 92 residents to complications from COVID-19, bringing the statewide total to 11,970 lives lost.

Assembly approves $5 billion borrowing plan

The New Jersey Assembly approved a plan Thursday that will allow Gov. Phil Murphy to borrow $5 billion or more to prop up the state’s finances, which have been battered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

The latest edition of Ask Governor Murphy on June 4 focused on how New Jersey is handling the protests surrounding the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the latest restrictions in New Jersey concerning the coronavirus.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, practicing social distancing, joined the show from his home.

The show was hosted by WNYC's Nancy Solomon.

NYC Phase Two Reopening Could Begin In early July

Jun 4, 2020

If things go smoothly with coronavirus, phase two of reopening will kick in at the start of July in New York City. Outdoor dining is a big part of that.  Mayor Bill de Blasio is hoping it will give a huge boost to the restaurant industry so he says the city will put together a plan.

“We will provide a massive expansion of curbside seating, a big expansion of open streets.  We will do what it takes to help this key part of life in New York City.”

New York City continues coronavirus related preparations for phase one of reopening which is still on track for Monday. Whether protesting or just out and about, Mayor Bill de Blasio wants folk off the streets.  

“I want people to stay home to the maximum extent possible. I want people to practice social distancing very very consistently.”

He says the MTA is working hard in getting the subway and buses as safe as possible.

Dean Moses / AMNY


A curfew going from eight pm to five am is being extended in New York City through Sunday following yet another night of mayhem.  A clearly agitated Mayor Bill de Blasio says he’s tired of people criticizing New York City and its police officers.

“To hell with all of them. I don’t care if they are left or right or center.  I am sick of people attacking the city of New York.”

As for the day after day of violence and looting

Barring a “precipitous backslide” in COVID-19 cases, New Jersey restaurants can offer outdoor dining and nonessential retail businesses can reopen their doors starting June 15, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Monday.

A week later, on June 22, salons and barbershops can again serve customers, Murphy said, while gyms and health clubs can reopen sometime after that.

All will likely face capacity limits and be required to make other adjustments, such as using paper menus or performing temperature checks at the door, the Democratic governor said.