Climate Change

New Jersey will offer $5,000 rebates to drivers who buy electric cars and $500 to people who install charging equipment in their home, in a bid to accelerate the nascent industry and move the state toward a 100% clean energy economy.

Gov. Phil Murphy, who signed the law Friday, said switching from gas-powered to electric vehicles is key to fighting climate change in a state where the transportation sector accounts for more than 40% of greenhouse gas emissions.

A proposal in New Jersey would provide rebates of up to $5,000 to people who buy electric cars and set statewide goals for their future use, in what lawmakers hope will be a boost to an industry that is still eclipsed by traditional gas-powered automobiles.

Supporters said the move would also be a major step in fighting climate change in New Jersey, where the transportation sector accounts for more than 40% of greenhouse gas emissions.

New Jersey is marking the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy with a new set of policies to address climate change.

At a press conference in Hoboken, Gov. Phil Murphy said the state faces increasing threats from climate change seven years after Sandy, which damaged tens of thousands of homes in New Jersey and killed dozens of people.

“Even though we know we’ll never have another Sandy,” Murphy said, “it would be naive of us to think that we won’t ever see one of Sandy’s siblings in New Jersey.”

The PAYS Energy Efficiency Upgrade Program

Aug 12, 2019

An innovative system to finance energy efficiency upgrades for renters and low-income people has been gaining traction around the country. The system, basically run by two men working out of their home offices in Vermont, is running in eight states.

A new report predicts New Jersey will have to shell out billions of dollars by 2040 to protect coastal communities from sea level rise.

The report compiled by the Center for Climate Integrity found that the Garden State will have to spend $25 billion to construct sea walls in areas with public infrastructure that are in danger of chronic flooding.

The price tag for coastal defenses across the contiguous United States will be $400 billion, the group said.

A new study predicts that back bay areas along New Jersey’s coastline could incur billions of dollars in property damage over 50 years if nothing is done to protect them.

The study, conducted by the Army Corp of Engineers with funding from the state Department of Environmental Protection, assessed the flood risk to back bay towns and suggested ways to bolster them against damage caused by future storms.

Officials calculated the value of property in New Jersey’s 84 back bay municipalities and projected how much storm damage could occur over the next half-century.

The latest National Climate Assessment was recently released, a congressionally mandated review detailing the impacts of climate change in America.  Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences director Robert Kopp says its fundamental message is to stabilize the climate by bringing greenhouse gas emissions down to zero, and then mitigate the impacts being experienced now.

NJ Lawmakers Hold Hearing On Climate Change

Aug 10, 2017

New Jersey lawmakers held a hearing in the shore community of Lavallette to examine the potential impact of climate change.

Professor Anthony Broccoli of the Rutgers Climate Institute says, depending on future carbon dioxide emissions that warm the ocean and melt ice sheets, sea level along the Jersey Shore is expected to rise 17 inches by 2050 and up to 41 inches by 2100. And studies indicate tropical storms intensity is likely to increase.

Coalition Urges Action To Fight Climate Change

Jan 26, 2017
Coalition members outline their goals.
Phil Gregory

A coalition of more than 30 environmental, labor, and community organizations says climate change poses a massive threat to New Jersey and is urging the state to do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase clean energy.

Dan Fatton is executive director of the Work Environment Council. He says the collation is a ray of hope in the Trump era.