Becca Stevens

Normally, singer and songwriter Becca Stevens and her husband Nathan Schram, violist for Attacca Quartet, spend their summers apart while on the road. In fact, before their quarantine, they were lucky to have two straight weeks at home together. But after canceled tours, the two have used their newfound time to connect as a couple and as musicians.

Jonathan Chimene / WBGO

At one point during Dan Tepfer’s solo concert at the Yamaha Salon, I remarked that the occasion felt like a family reunion.

This was an acknowledgment of the setting. The Yamaha Salon, in midtown Manhattan, is like a second home to Tepfer: equal parts clubhouse, incubator and recording studio.

Jonathan Chimene / WBGO

As a singer, a songwriter and a player of stringed instruments, Becca Stevens has thrived in almost every conceivable setting.

Stella K

The GroundUP Music Festival, which just wrapped its fourth edition in Miami, aims to dissolve the barrier between musician and fan.

With a scarcity of VIP badges, famous artists mingling with festival goers, and jaw-dropping curation of unfamiliar international talent, this annual musical gathering cultivates an ethos of inclusivity.

Shakespeare, Robert Johnson, Freddie Mercury, and David Crosby are just a few of the names that pop up in this lively conversation with Becca Stevens, as she shares songs from her latest album, Regina, live in our studio on Singers Unlimited.