Becca Stevens

Jonathan Chimene / WBGO

At one point during Dan Tepfer’s solo concert at the Yamaha Salon, I remarked that the occasion felt like a family reunion.

This was an acknowledgment of the setting. The Yamaha Salon, in midtown Manhattan, is like a second home to Tepfer: equal parts clubhouse, incubator and recording studio.

Jonathan Chimene / WBGO

As a singer, a songwriter and a player of stringed instruments, Becca Stevens has thrived in almost every conceivable setting.

Stella K

The GroundUP Music Festival, which just wrapped its fourth edition in Miami, aims to dissolve the barrier between musician and fan.

With a scarcity of VIP badges, famous artists mingling with festival goers, and jaw-dropping curation of unfamiliar international talent, this annual musical gathering cultivates an ethos of inclusivity.

Shakespeare, Robert Johnson, Freddie Mercury, and David Crosby are just a few of the names that pop up in this lively conversation with Becca Stevens, as she shares songs from her latest album, Regina, live in our studio on Singers Unlimited.